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“Center of business contacts and cooperation” is organized by group of professionals with many years of experience in organizing business events and establishing of information and marketing communications.

Our mission - to help companies and firms at different levels and types of activities to promote their services and products on the Russian market by arranging direct contacts and to forge business ties between potential partners.

We operate under the slogan:
High level of professionalism - creativity turned into a profession.

Organization of business events is a powerful and proven tool for achieving these goals. This process is very complicated and involves many nuances that affect the quality of the final result. Therefore trusting the job to professionals you will save much time and money.

Specialists of our company use extensive experience and advanced technologies for the organization of events in accordance with the wishes and goals of our clients. "CBCC” organizes business events of various formats accordingly to the business-tasks of each particular company - conferences, seminars, exhibitions, summits, B2B format meetings.

All functional departments dealing with researching of topics, developing of a business program, choosing the optimal venue, inviting speakers and participants, attracting sponsors and other key issues that affect the success of the event and the business of our clients are involved during preparing the events.

Center of Business Contacts and Cooperation (CBCC)
offers a full range of services for organizing BUSINESS events and promotion of the company on the market.